Kenneth Noland: Context is the Key, Paintings: 1958–1970

Published in tandem with an exhibition of the same name at Yares Art, Context in the Key, Paintings: 1958–1970 presents iconic works by the foundational Color Field Artist Kenneth Noland. Noland’s commitment to prioritizing color above all other elements of painting, and painting above all other forms of artmaking, was and continues to be courageous. The diverse forms his compositions took, which are pictured in this richly illustrated catalogue, were always in service to his colors. Such is explained in an elucidatory essay by the art critic Alex Grimley, who also penned the publication’s chronology.

“His paintings never came close to representation, narrative, or anecdote. Being the consequence of color harmony alone, the emotional resonances of his work were more universal, more available,” Grimley writes of Noland. “Asked to describe his practice, he invariably spoke of color. From the broadest to the most local considerations, color was central.”

Published by Yares, New York

Essay and chronology by Alex Grimley

Fully illustrated, 107 pages

Designed by Tim Laun and Natalie Wedeking